No Flaming or Bashing of Group Members

No Illegal Software, Warez, Cracks, Serial #'s, etc

No Cross Posting

No Stationery or Midi's

Participation is Required for the Beginners Series

No Nudity or Offensive Graphics

No Spamming, Personal Ads or Promotions

Lessons Must be Submitted in Sequential Order

No Plugins/Filters can be used in the Beginners Series

Complaints are not to be sent to the Group or Study Groups,
send them to your Study Guide

All Rules & Guidelines apply to the Class Forums

All graphics must be submitted in .jpg format unless stated otherwise

No graphic must be larger than 350 pixels on any one edge and must not exceed 100Kb in file size

We Reserve the RIGHT to BAN any Member that Does Not
Abide by these Rules & Guidelines


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