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This site has been created to help you navigate thru the PSPImaginarium Forum and is very graphic intense.  It will hopefully answer some frequently asked questions along the way. Explanations will appear below the screen shots.


Above is the menu on PSPImaginarium's home page at http://www.pspimaginarium.com. This is where you went to register for the beginner classes. This is also one way in which to access the forum ... under Resources ... Class Forum. Another way ... of course ... is to link directly at http://www.pspimaginarium.com/forum. This is also where you will come to access the beginners lessons ... under Tutorials ... PSP Beginner Series. Later on ... you will be shown a shortcut back to this page directly from the Forum.

Lessons will not be linked until class begins ... and then ... only one week at a time ... usually on Sundays ... but definitely by Monday. So each week one more set of lessons will be linked for you to begin working on. However ... if you finish the current week's lessons early ... there will be weekend extras provided for you to play with and you are also welcome and encouraged to re-work the lessons. We would also like to encourage you to use your own graphics and add your own personal touches to the lessons so the results truly become your own creation.



Above is the PSPImaginarium logo and a menu you will see on the top of the first page you come to once you access the forum ... below are other items on that same page ... which will be explained in more detail as we go along ... but lets take this one step at a time.

The first button on this menu is where you can go to edit your user information and add an avatar to your messages. It is also where you can view private messages ... which is a great way to communicate directly on the forum.



The section above ... is what you will see when you click on the button. In addition to reading private messages here ... you can also add buddies or place members on an ignore list ... hopefully you wont feel any need to do this ... but its there just in case. It is under Edit Options where you can upload an avatar that will be placed under your name when you post to the forum. And as you can see ... there are drop down windows throughout the forum for faster navigation ... so pleaz take some times to explore and become more comfortable.



Once you click on Edit Options ... if you scroll down to the bottom of the page ... you will find where you can upload an avatar. Just click on Change Avatar. Remember ... it cannot be any larger than 70 pixels by 70 pixels.




Once you click on Change avatar ... this is the window you will see. Simply browse to where you have saved your image and upload it or you can directly link to your web site ... just make sure it is your web site and you arent stealing anyone's bandwidth. Then click on Submit Modifications. Once your avatar is changed ... it will change it on all messages ... including messages already posted. Ok that concludes the discussion on the user cp section ... now lets go back to the first page of the forum and continue from there. You can always find your way back to the first page of the forum by clicking on the PSPImaginarium Class Board link. Now back to the menu.



The second button is a shortcut way to register for intermediates or re-register for beginners ... if for some reason you feel you need to retake the beginners class. The links will send an e-mail that will then automatically place you on the waiting list for the next class ... but this is something that doesnt need to be done until you come toward the end of this six weeks.



The third button is a calendar of events. If you complete your date of birth in your user profile ... your birthday will be automatically entered into the calendar.

However ... if you add the mm/dd/yyyy in your user profile ... and you were born before 1975 ... I believe ... the calendar will note how old you will be on your birthday ... but your profile will show your birthday as December 31, 1969 ... nasty little glitch. So ... you can either leave it that way ... or remove the year of your birth from your user profile and it will show the month and date correctly ... but not your age. Which can come in handy anyway ... if you dont want anyone to know how old you are :))

If you were born after 1975 everything should show your information correctly.

You can also add other events directly in the calendar by clicking on the buttons at the top and bottom of the calendar.



The fourth button gives you a list of every active member ... including Administrators and Moderators.

If you click on a members' linked name ... you will be able to view the profile of that member.

If a member has a button by their name ... it means their web site is linked.

The will bring up a list of all messages that member has posted to the forum.



Above is an example of a members profile. It provides all kinds of great information in order to get to know one another better ... it also provides invaluable information for Administrators and Moderators ... so pleaz fill out as much as you are comfortable with providing.


The fifth button is a MUST READ section ... it will answer a lot of questions for you ... thus eliminating the need for you to ask. However ... we are of the opinion that the only stupid questions are the ones not asked ... so if you cant find an answer anywhere or dont understand an answer ... then pleaz ask. Hopefully tho ... this page will clear up most confusion.

The sixth and final buttons should be fairly self-explanatory.


Ok ... underneath the PSPImaginarium logo and the menu previously discussed ... you will see the above section. Mind you ... it wont be separated out like this. Here you will be able to tell how many new threads and posts there have been since your last visit. You will also be able to see if you have any Private Messages and be able to link right to them. Pleaz note the "Mark All Forums Read" link ... this will be explained in due time.



This next section (above) is probably the most important section of all ... aside from your Study Group forum ... because this is where you navigate to where you need to be. Some key items to point out here ... the "Tips and Tricks for the Forum" and "How Do I" forums are only to be used for general forum questions ... DO NOT post any lessons or lesson questions here ... lessons and questions about lessons are to be posted directly to the appropriate section in your Study Group forum ... this will be explained very shortly. The "Mod Squad" forum is for Administrators and Study Guides ONLY ... you will receive a message that you do not have access if you click on this link. PSPImaginarium Intermediates is strictly for those registered for intermediate classes ... again you will get an access error if you try to link to this forum.

Where you do want to go is to "PSPImaginarium Beginners" forum ... you are a beginner ... therefore the "PSPImaginarium Beginners" forum is the place to be. but before you click on the "PSPImaginarium Beginners" link ... lets make sure we understand the rest of this page.

The headings in this section ... Forum ... Posts ... Threads ... Last Post and Moderator ... arent that important here ... but will become more important in your Study Group.

"Currently Active Users" will show you who is on the forum at any given time. Pleaz note the color of the links for Administrators and Supermoderators/Study Guides (pretty much one and the same). They are distinctly identified by the color of their linked name ... yes that is right ... everyone's name is linked directly to their personal profile where you can find out information about the member or even send a private message.

Also worth noting are the little icons that indicate if there are new posts ... no new posts and a closed forum ... you will see these throughout your Study Group forum ... as well as here ... so you might want to make a mental note.

The "Contact Us" link is in case you are having any problems with the forum. And ... remember that little shortcut to get to the home page I mentioned ... there is the link ... PSPImaginarium ... it will take you directly to the home page where you can find the Beginner lessons.

Ok ... lets go ahead and click on that PSPImaginarium Beginners link



When you were e-mailed and given information on how to access the forum ... you were also assigned a Study Group and Study Guide ... here is where you will access YOUR Study Group ... just click on the link for the Study Group you were assigned ... if you cant remember you can always go to YOUR profile and it should tell you there.




Now for the heart and soul of the forum

Once in your Study Group ... this is basically what you will see. The Lounge is for introductions and general chat ... start a to introduce yourself ... and to reply to a specific thread ... pleaz use the option sparingly ... it is very taxing on our bandwidth to have unnecessary repetition ... this is where the little icons that tell you if there are new posts will come in handy. Once you have read all the posts in a particular forum ... you can "Mark this Forum Read".

There will be images you can use for your lessons or for the Weekend Extras posted to the Images section ... if there are particular images you would like to use but cant find ... feel free to post a request in the Images forum and we will do our best to find something

Weekend Extras are just that ... extras ... there will be links to extra projects that you can choose to do or not ... the Weekend Extras are not required and may or may not be posted each weekend ... each Study Group will use this section at their own discretion ... as time permits ... we really want everyone to concentrate on their lessons.

PLEASE NOTE: all weekend extras should be posted as a reply to the original post ... DO NOT start a new thread !! Answers to questions about the Weekend Extras will be the lowest priority for moderators ... so be aware of that ... feel free to help your fellow classmates out if you can.

Each of the six week sessions will have a "Lessons" forum for you to post your lessons and a "Q & A's" forum to ask questions about that week's lessons. Each week ... when you are ready to start posting your lessons ... you will start a "new thread" with your name and the week ... i.e. TazVillin Week One Lessons ... feel free to comment however you wish ... wow this was easy ... or I loved this lesson or whatever ... but make sure you put the lesson number in the message ... i.e. Lesson One ... then down below you will see a section to "Attach file" on the left ... with a "browse" button in the middle ... click on the "browse" button and navigate to where your lesson was saved

REMEMBER ... all lessons should be "saved as" a jpg file and can be no larger than 350 pixels on the largest side (width or height) ... the only exception to this is if the lesson asks that the image be "saved as" a gif ... but the size requirements will remain the same. If the image is too large ... it will not upload ... if you try to upload as a psp image ... you will not be able to see it

DO NOT preview your message ... it will delete the uploaded image.

Also DO NOT post questions here ... questions should be posted in the Q & A's forum ... and be careful that you are posting to the appropriate week ... remember ... each week has its very own place to upload your lessons and ask questions.

Then when you are ready to post your next lesson for the week ... find YOUR thread and ... DO NOT start a ... this way each student will have one thread per week ... it makes it much easier for us to check your work and much easier for everyone to view your work and comment on it. Again make sure you add the number of the lesson to your message ... i.e. Lesson Two ... then continue to to YOUR thread for each lesson for that week

When you get to Week Two ... you will again start a ... your name Week Two Lessons ... post your first one and then to upload the rest of that week's lessons. Continue to use this method thru all six weeks ... dont worry ... this will all make sense and become easier as you go along.

As for the Q & A's forum ... there will be a thread already set up for questions about each lesson for the week ... if you have a question about a lesson ... find the appropriate thread ... i.e. Lesson One Questions ... and read thru the questions and answers already posted first ... you may just find an answer without having to ask a question ... however ... if your question hasnt been answered ... then pleaz to the appropriate thread ... ask your question including as much detail as you can ... especially what operating system and version of psp you are using ... and we will get an answer to you as soon as possible.

Pleaz be patient ... you have six weeks to complete your lessons ... so dont panic if you dont get an answer immediately ... we volunteer our time here because we want to help ... but ... believe it nor not ... we do have lives outside of PSPImaginarium ... feel free to go on to the next lesson while waiting for an answer.

Below are examples of all the steps described above ... each image is basically what you will see when you click on a link ... but explanations may be reiterated below the images along with any further explanation necessary to help you navigate thru the site.



In the above example you will notice an "Announcement" and a "Must Read" ... make sure you READ all of these threads completely ... they are for your benefit as well as ours. You will also notice there are (4) pages to the "Must Read" thread ... so make sure you are reading all pages to a thread. There are ways to navigate to the first unread post so be sure familiarize yourself with the various navigational methods throughout the forum.

Notice the "Mark this Forum Read" link ... this comes in handy when you are trying to see if there are any unread posts since your last visit ... pleaz note that you must mark the entire PSPImaginarium Beginner forum read in order to mark all posts in the Beginner's forum read ... if you just mark your particular Study Group as read ... you will still see that there are unread posts in the PSPImaginarium Beginner forum at the home page of the forum. Each time you "Mark this Forum Read" you will be redirected to the forum's start page.

We understand that you are probably new to a forum such as this ... but pleaz do your best not to get too frustrated ... play around and find the best way for you to navigate thru the site ... the way I navigate may not be the best way for you to navigate ... this site is designed to help make your journey a little less frustrating but not designed to be the only way to navigate ... and remember ... there is a "How Do I" forum at the forum's start page if you have specific questions about the forum itself.



One final example ... this is what you will see when you start a ... you will see a slightly different window when you ... and the subject line will be filled in ... if you are starting a new thread ... you will want to fill in the subject line ... this is where you would add your name and the lesson week to start your lesson thread for the week ... in the body of the message is where you would add your comments and the lesson number ... feel free to use the various message icons ... html options and smilies. However do try to refrain from adding extra images other than your lesson results ... again we have to be ever mindful of our bandwidth restrictions.

I dont think anyone has ever started a poll ... so dont worry about that and REMEMBER ... DO NOT preview your post at least not after you have uploaded your lesson results.

Well I certainly hope you have found the information here useful ... feel free to send comments ... suggestions and/or corrections to me ... Happy PSPing ... Taz Marie aka TazVillin


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