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Before we continue on with HTML, let's make sure that we have everything that we need in our HTML Toolbox's, prepare files and set-up Web Express. 


HTML Toolbox

  • Web Express and the Web Express Manual

  • Print out the HTML resources on page one of your choice

  • Have a web site or open one 

  • Have an FTP Program (Web Express has one in it, but you should have an FTP Program that you can use to upload any file from your local drive)

  • Have a Thumbnail Program (you can make your own thumbnails in PSP, but with a good thumbnail program it is done in seconds for you and can do several at one time)

File P reparation

Create a folder on your local drive in "My Documents" and named it with the same name as your web site and creat a sub-folder in it and name it "images"

Save any images (backgrounds, buttons .etc) that you would like to use for the first page you create in: 

  c:\my documents\whateveryourwebsitename is\images

Setting up Web Express

  • Open Web Express select File>New Web Site

  • Check Create Site from Scratch

  • Web Site URL - The URL for your web site

  • Local Web Site - Browse to the location of the folder that you made in "My Documents" and select it

  • Home Page - Do not change it from index.htm, that is the index page that is required for all web sites.(This is the first page that visitors to your site will see.)

  • Image Folder - Images (this is the sub folder that you created in your web site folder)

  • Page Backgrounds - You do not have to choose now and can accept defaults past this, (you can set and change these options later)

  • Hyper Text Links - You can accept the defaults as these can be changed later if you want to.

  • Web Site Properties - Accept the defaults

  • File Transfer Options - FTP

    • Host Name - (get this from your web site host)

    • User Name - The user name you log on to your web site

    • Directory - Leave blank unless your web site host needs and provides this information

    • Proxy - Leave blank unless your web site host needs and provides this information

    • Port - Leave blank unless your web site host needs and provides this information

    • Password - The password that you use to log on to your web site

  • Finish 

    • Web Site File Name - Web Express will now save all the web site information in a file, you need to tell Web Express where you want it saved.  For simplicity type in the name of your web site. Once saved this folder will have an icon that looks like a spider web.  When you want to work on your web site you will open this file and it will contain all your linked web pages. 

When you use Web Express for the first time you will be prompted for some additional information during the initial set up:  

  • Configure Browser - Web Express will scan your system for the internet browsers that you have installed, pick the one that you most commonly use.

  • Text Editor - Notepad

  • Image Editor - Browse your local drive  and select PSP unless you edit and create images with another program - or - type in the path for PSP in the command line.


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